The ritual of St. Daniel is not the middle path. It is not a way of mediocrity. It is not a promise of a new experience. It is a thorny path which, with real decision and desire for change, can mean the beginning of something that can fulfill our life.

Principles of the St. Daniel Ritual:

Living with purpose means living in Discipline. According to Values and Limits. Not values that we have determined ourselves, but those that are immutable and eternal. Which are universal and apply to all people of this world. A person very quickly deviates from the path and tailors the values according to his own desires. These are definitely not real because they follow the ego. A responsible person must decide how to live. Will he live in accordance with Values and Morals in all aspects of our life or will he just please and look for detours.

We cringe at the word discipline. We don’t like it. It demands too much from us. It is associated with consistency, modesty, humility, dedication and the eternal taming of our ego. For change to happen, one generation in the chain must admit its own mistakes, become aware of them and decide to live according to the principles of what is right. To live in the Truth. The decision will be followed by sacrifice, renunciation and often what we call suffering. Acknowledging pain is part of the process that leads us to a worthwhile life. A life of discipline, patience and virtue. To not do to others what we don’t want others to do to us. This is the only true way. Out of responsibility to ourselves and our descendants, to the environment. And out of love for the Creator.

The process of change begins after a conscious decision on an unconscious level. We have no influence over it. But we can influence the beginning of the path that we can see and feel. In order to start this journey, it is necessary to take the first step, which is often difficult and demanding. But immensely valuable. The journey begins with it.