YOUTH 285 Hz

Enjoy the charms of the Youth room

They say that inside every adult there's still a child that lingers.

Playfulness, vitality, vigour, a carefree and easygoing approach to life... Only young hearts and minds are truly capable of these, and that is why these emotions were our guidelines while we were designing the Youth room.

We are certain that your drive and the Solfeggio frequencies that permeate the hotel will allow you to rediscover the child within you, and your stay at the Youth room will be free of all cares and worries.


The Solfeggio frequency 285 Hz signifies YOUTH, ENERGY and REGENERATION.

Beneficial effects:

- Rejuvenates.

- Raises your energy levels.

- Regenerates damaged tissue.

- Stimulates the healing of wounds, cuts and burns.