Rooms & Suites

Sacred place in your room


Important things can only take place in the quietness of your room.




Bag with salt and sage outside your room door

An old saying dictates that salt and sage clean the space on an energy level. For that very reason we placed the bag with salt and sage leaves outside your room. The bags were sown from recycled jute by our seamstress Tjaša.




The pendulum in your room

Let us preserve the tradition known long before the development of modern sciences. From an era, when we were more in tune with nature. When we lived and felt vibrations. When we used the frequency vibrations to choose food, the space in which we will live, herbs, combinations of herbs and used them accordingly.  

 Why not use the pendulum to enlighten the dark corners of our mind, where the history and its processes have little by little reduced the brightness Let us let in a small ray of light. You know what they say. Where there is light, the fear of the unknown disappears.

If you would like to know more,  take a look at the book Pendulum that can be found in your room.




My gift originates from the power and wisdom of my ancestors.

Intuition, crystals and simple technique of breathing will help you to awaken the most primary things. You will again encounter the natural and wild being inside you.




Relive your day. All the events with all the feelings.

Go to bed before 22:00. Between 10pm and 2am the build-up of melatonin is the highest. The hormones for growth and regeneration are doing their job. That is why the best thing we can do for our health is rest during this time. Sleep is the best form of rest. If your routine is different, we urge you to make this decision from the heart, because the hardest step towards the treasure is a firm decision and the awareness that we care about ourselves.