Rooms & Suites

The rooms, the suites and the apartments of the St. Daniel are not numbered, but instead, they are named after the Solfeggio frequencies. They are a reflection and representation of all that the Karst has to offer, if only you feel it and let it flow into you. All our lodgings are furnished and decorated in a cozy fashion and with natural materials: faux antique furniture made out of recycled wood, linen bedding that harkens back to the lives of the Karst locals and traditional Slovenian cotton bedding. 

All of the beds are just the right size so that they can fit exactly two people comfortably and cozily enough that there remains no space for even the tiniest of arguments between the bed sheets. ;)

Love, youth, joy, change, miracles, connection, balance and awareness are the key elements that humans are always seeking, and they can only be experienced in an idyllic land. 

We want you to live and sleep in unique spaces that carry their own stories, just like you do.