Our ancestors lived wisely. They were responsible to nature. It was their role model, mirror and teacher. They knew that they could expect at least balance, if not perfection, from nature. They knew that it could not be blackmailed or deceived, that it could not stand dishonesty. They respected it, realizing that it enabled them to survive in this world and access the transcendent. It is like a hint and an allegory that speaks of the Greater through its own existence of the visible.

This is precisely why they were capable of unconditional love. Their primitiveness was their deepest wisdom. Their naivety was their biggest advantage. They knew plants, lichens, bits of nature where they lived. They knew how to read the wind, clouds, moss, stones, stars… They knew when each plant was ripe so that they could pluck it and use it for medicinal purposes. For them, nature was a sacred thing, which they were obliged to take care of, nurture, preserve and hand over intact to the next generation.

They knew ancient rituals that were closely connected with nature. They discovered patterns according to which nature works. They boiled water because they wanted tea and not because they wanted to know what happens to water on a physical level when it boils.

It is almost unthinkable for us that a person lies down under a tree at a certain hour and falls asleep there. Why? He is doing something completely natural. He unites himself with the forces of nature. Our ancestors intuitively knew when they needed negative earth ions to balance their bodies. Their feeling and responsibility towards nature was pure, beautiful and quiet. They did not boast and brag about their knowledge. They didn’t have to. The most important things happen in silence.

They left behind an unheard legacy that was rarely written down. Some of these behaviors persisted. Let’s realize that we are the ones who have to take the initiative and preserve this precious heritage and pass it on to the next generations.

Part of this behavior of our ancestors was also the pendulum.

The pendulum is a tool that stimulates our perception of subtle vibrations that are beyond the scope of classical scientific understanding. It leads us to explore the subtle, intuitive and invisible. It calls for reflection on how to connect the material and the transcendent.

The energy field of a human can establish contact with the energy fields of living and non-living nature with the help of a pendulum. It resonates with them or it doesn’t. It is in harmony or it is not. It connects and understands the answers to questions that it finds the answer to not only by using reason, but in connection with it.

At the conscious level, we receive about a thousand pieces of information per second. At the unconscious level, we receive several thousand times more information per second. We cannot process all this information from the unconscious on a conscious level. However, we can obtain the desired information from the unconscious level with the help of the dowsing method. With a correctly asked question, which must be very precisely and concretely posed so that we can get the right answer in the form of yes or no. With the movement of the hand, we react subconsciously in according manner, and the pendulum held in the hand swings in a certain direction. We are the instrument in this case, and the pendulum is the pointer on the instrument.