Healthy breakfast


from 8.00 to 10.00


At our house we take on a plate only as much as we will eat.


Not to surprise you...we are very upset to see food being wasted unnecessarily on the plate!

And we say that out loud!


Every bite left on the plate means WASTE FOOD.


Once you realize how much energy is put into one little cookie, your conscience doesn’t let you leave a tiny bite on your plate. Every piece is precious. There is a very long way from the seed to the final product.

Our hardworking Girls are preparing breakfast from local and organic ingredients such as
strudel, nona cookies, curcumin cakes, herb breads, blueberry yogurt, nuts, dried fruit, herb cheeses,
cooked prosciutto, fresh vegetables and fruits ... Fresh pastries are baked early in the morning. So the whole house smells.


Miran is a house barista and cooks really good coffee!


Breakfast is included in the price of the room.