Bio kitchen

The essence of our kitchen is based on organically grown and naturally ripened local foods, which we are constantly adjusting to meet your needs as well as the conditions and crops granted to us by nature during every particular season of the year.

By using organic foods we also emphasize the broader social importance of the slogan "Choose organic. Promote a better world"; we promote recycling, "fair trade" (products and materials that are not the result of modern age slavery and come from reliable sources), we support local manufacturers, we do not pollute the environment with unnecessary transport, but most of all, we realize that the environment in which we exist should not be taken for granted, and that we should care for the environment just as much as it cares for us.

Our restaurant does not serve only excellent, healthy and local food from the Karst, but it also serves a story. We firmly believe that a carefully chosen menu, an ecological orientation and a relaxing environment feed not only the body, but also mind and soul