Give us this day our daily bread…


Welcome to our table


We do not have a menu as we prepare food by intuition, with organic, seasonal ingredients and local produce. Very natural and simple. The same way our grandmothers used to cook. You can enjoy a glass of organic wine with your food.

Nina as the nutritionist will ensure that your cells get everything they require in balanced amounts.


In our kitchen we use produce exclusively certified by organic providers, local partners from Kras. Just because something is produced at home does not mean it is BIO. The certificates and control ensure that everything that is supplied to us is produced and grown according to BIO standards.

Mother Nina is a vegan. Daughters Ana and Pija and father Miran are not vegans yet.

So you see, everyone is welcome at our table. Regardless of their eating habits.


In our house we all sit down at the same table at same time. 




The essence of our kitchen is based on organically grown and naturally ripened local foods, which we are constantly adjusting to meet your needs as well as the conditions and crops granted to us by nature during every particular season of the year.

By using organic foods we also emphasize the broader social importance of the slogan "Choose organic. Promote a better world"; we promote recycling, "fair trade" (products and materials that are not the result of modern age slavery and come from reliable sources), we support local manufacturers, we do not pollute the environment with unnecessary transport, but most of all, we realize that the environment in which we exist should not be taken for granted, and that we should care for the environment just as much as it cares for us.

Our kitchen does not make only excellent, healthy and local food from the Karst, but it also serves a story. We firmly believe that a carefully chosen menu, an ecological orientation and a relaxing environment feed not only the body, but also mind and soul. 


It is wrong, however, to think that food is simply whatever you are served on a nicely decorated platter. No. Food is much more than that. It is the result of honest, hard labour over a period of months, of working the soil of the Karst and investing time and love into products that we then carefully prepare in a traditional way, with you, our guests, in mind.

We put great significance in traditional recipes, which we cultivate from generation to generation, and our chef even further enhances it in the spirit of long-standing tradition based on his many years of experience. The result? From you first bite onward, you will be able to experience the authentic taste of the Karst, and all the love and care that went into the preparation of your meal. 

But we realize that our guests can be very diverse and unique, and we value the importance of your wishes, so we've adapted our menus to that. We offer a wide range of dishes, including vegan, vegetarian, meat, gluten-free and lactose-free foods.





But we are not only conscious of the individual wishes of our guests. We also look at the bigger picture, which means that our ultimate vision is based on sustainable development and social entrepreneurship.

The majority of our foods, products and raw materials are supplied by local manufacturers, since we strive for organic production and the promotion of smaller, local businesses and manufacturers.

This does not only mean that we provide you with the finest quality ingredients, but also that we maintain friendly and economic relations, which represent an important element for the sustainable development of Slovenian tourism, agriculture and economy. 


We are happy to say that our partners share our path.