They were created and, although beautiful, they do not create and should not be worshiped as Holy. They are only tools with which we can begin to search for the transcendental essence.

They were in favor of us to more easily perceive what we cannot see. Crystals are only part of the whole pattern. Nature works everything according to a pattern. Natural patterns can be translated into the word ritual. A ritual is a repeated ceremony with a purpose. It is a sacred time and a sacred space.

Man is a physical and spiritual being who is subject to natural laws and a higher essence. Man cannot attain the transcendental through the material. However, through the correct use of the material, he can reawaken the primary lines that lead him to the original.

Crystals can be perceived on a conscious and unconscious level. The conscious level is represented by senses (look, touch, taste…) and emotions (joy, peace, fear…). The unconscious level is intuition. It is what is hidden from view. Intuition is like our conscience. It calls in a few times. If we don’t hear it, it falls silent and fades away. The intuitive channel no longer transmits the information we need to perceive the intangible. Our susceptibility to the irrational and unconscious is lost. Intuition helps us in our sinful life. It guides and directs us. Although we have completely neglected it, it is still alive and waiting somewhere in us to be revived. Perceiving, getting to know and internalizing something that we have forgotten is only possible by reviving the old. Once we become aware of the transcendental world, our eyes are opened and we begin to look at the world we are used to in a completely different way. Everything known and familiar awakens in a transfigured form.

Saint Hildegard writes about crystals…

How were they formed?

“In the east, in the lands where the strong sun reigns, precious stones and pearls are produced. The hills that rise there are greatly heated in the sun, and contain a heat similar to the sun; even the rivers that flow through those lands are constantly boiling in the face of intense heat. When these rivers flood, the water rises up to the glowing hills. Where the water touches the fire, something similar to the foam that occurs when water is poured over bleached iron or bleached stones is formed. It is called ‘singelent’. This foam sticks to the hillsides and hardens into stones in three to four days. As the water recedes and returns to the river beds, this foam, which clings to the mountains in various places, begins to dry under the hot rays of the sun. When it dries, it forms precious stones. The foam dries at different times. The sun’s heat is different at different times, and this determines what color the stones will be and what their powers will be. The precious stones are then detached from the mountains and fall into the sand. When the rivers flood again, the waves carry away a series of stones and wash them up in other countries, where people find them”.

What is the nature of crystals?

“The said hills, which are surrounded by many great jewels, shine like the rays of the sun. Thus, precious stones are formed from fire and water; therefore, they contain fire and moisture and various powers and forces that can be used in various ways, but not only those that are beneficial to man. We cannot use them for seduction, fornication, adultery, hatred, murder and anything else that is sinful and harmful to man. For the nature of precious stones demands that which is noble and useful, and repels all that is base and evil, just as virtue repels vice, and just as vice and virtue cannot work together.”

“Every stone contains fire and moisture. The devil fears precious stones. He hates and despises them because they remind him of the splendor which surrounded him before he fell from the position of honor which God had bestowed upon him. He also hates them because some of the precious stones are created from the fire in which he roasts in punishment. By God’s will, he fell into the fire and was defeated. The fire defeats him whenever the inspiration of the Holy Spirit rescues people from its clutches.”

What is the purpose of crystals?

“To the first angel, indeed, God gave beauty as from precious stones, which Lucifer saw shining in the divine mirror, and from them he received his knowledge, realizing in them that God wishes to perform many miracles. Then his mind was lifted up in pride because the beauty of the stones that was in him shone in God. He thought he could be equal to God and more, so his brilliance went out. But just as God raised Adam to a better part, so God did not allow either the beauty or the virtue of the stones to perish, for He wanted them to remain on earth for honor and blessing and for use in healing.”