The Story

How do you feel when you spend time with your friends at their place? Maybe happy, satisfied, calm and understood? We want to be a friendly place like this for you too. We had the idea to create a holistic place for open-minded people. Everybody, who stays here, should feel well, eat well, drink well, sleep well, move well and think well.

Hotel St.Daniel is calm place in magic region of Slovenia where you can unplug yourself from every day stress.

Hearth of our house is Vita Nova

Naturopatic healing point - personalized healing program based on complementary medicine (acupuncture and Bioresonance method), lab diagnostics and naturopathy (crystalotherapy, chakra healing, earthing, savna, herbalism)


The essence of our kitchen is based on organically grown and naturally ripened local foods, which we are constantly adjusting to meet your needs as well as the conditions and crops granted to us by nature during every particular season of the year.

By using organic foods we also emphasize the broader social importance of the slogan "Choose organic&healthy. Promote a better world"; we promote recycling, "fair trade" (products and materials that are not the result of modern age slavery and come from reliable sources), we support local manufacturers, we do not pollute the environment with unnecessary transport, but most of all, we realize that the environment in which we exist should not be taken for granted, and that we should care for the environment just as much as it cares for us.

Our kitchen does not serve only excellent, healthy and local food from the Karst, but it also serves a story. We firmly believe that a carefully chosen menu, an ecological orientation and a relaxing environment feed not only the body, but also mind and soul. 

The rooms, the suites and the apartments of the St. Daniel are not numbered, but instead, they are named after the Solfeggio frequencies. They are a reflection and representation of all that the Karst has to offer, if only you feel it and let it flow into you. All our lodgings are furnished and decorated in a cozy fashion and with natural materials: faux antique furniture made out of recycled wood, linen bedding that harkens back to the lives of the Karst locals and traditional Slovenian cotton bedding. Our rooms on purpuse do not have TV.

We really feel well with what we offer you. And we do it from our heart. For sure, we haven’t realized all our ideas yet. But we will. Step by step. It is still a way to go where we will improve more and more with all the experience we earn from you, our clients and distributors.

Have a nice stay as our friends,

Miran&Nina&Ana Pija