Trail of rocks


Voljčji grad is a small village near which we can find the archaeological site Debela griža, the remains of a prehistoric fort dating from the 8th century B.C. in the form of a circular wall in the northwestern part of the village. According to some experts, an ancient Roman road could have led through there. Nowadays, the remains of the wall span from 8m to 15m in width and from 2m to 4m in height.

An educational trail called the Trail of Rocks is also situated there. The trail leads you around the village and its surroundings, where you can admire the natural and cultural features of this small settlement as well as the Debela griža fort. The trail will lead you past many 'pils', small stone shrines, 'japenica' pits for extinguishing lime, shepherd's houses, chasms, caverns, ponds, sinkholes...





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