The Fabiani Trail


Start the Fabiani trail by taking a left before you enter the Štanjel old town, following a macadam circular path among the pine trees, around 20m under the castle walls. There is a brief walk during which you can feast your eyes on the gorgeous view of the Vipava Valley before you reach the Ferrari gardens through a square pavillion. Enjoy the beautiful garden, the artificial lake and the view of the Štanjel old town, where you can visit the Ferrari Villa.

Duration: 0,5 hours


If you still have energy to spare, you can take the macadam road past St. George's graveyard, which is situated on a hill between Štanjel and Kobdilj, and continue towards the upper part of Kobdilj, where you can visit the beautiful Fabiani homestead with its famous mulberry tree. Afterwards, you can descend into the lower part of Kobdilj village, where you can admire the various "spahnjenci", traditional Karst house extensions, as well as the central square. From then on, you can continue towards the railway and follow it until you reach the Austro-Hungarian military cemetery.


Duration: from 1 to 1,5 hours




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