Fisherman's trail


The Fisherman's Trail spans from Aurisina (on the Italian side of the border) to the coast and steeply descends the side of the Karst. Throughout the trail you can admire a gorgeous open view of the coast and the sea. This trail was traversed by Slovenian fishermen for centuries to get from Aurisina (or Nabrežina, as they called it) to the coast, where their 'čupa' boats were tied, which were made out of a single log.

In Aurisina, follow the sign for the High School until you see a parking lot by the road. From there on, the trail continues on a typical Karst stony surface. When catch the first glimpse of the sea, the trail stars descending, down many sets of stairs, past green areas with vineyards and olive orchards. The trail ends by the coast, where you can vists a small 'porto', an old port turned into a beach.




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