Dolina Soče (Bovec, Kobarid in Tolmin)

Do you want to experience the magical beauty of the valley of the Soča river, with its distinctive emerald colour and the great gorges, carved through the millenia, surrounded by pristine nature and the great peaks in the Bovec basin?

Are you also interested in the tumultuous history of the region, scarred by the First World War and the infamous Isonzo Front? There are many hiking trails and open air museums that lead you to experience the remains of caverns, the trenches and the memorials that keep the memory of the Great War alive, so that we might never forget...

Would you also like to visit the Triglav National Park and the Tolmin Gorges and the Devil's Bridge (hanging 60 meters above the Tolminka river), the great wedged rock known as the Bear's head, Dante's cave and a thermal spring?

If these things strike your fancy, the valley of the Soča is the perfect place for an excursion.



- the Great Soča Gorge 

- the Tolmin Gorges (GPS: 46.2012, 13.7425)

- The Kobarid First World War Museum (GPS: 46.24668, 13.58100)

- Rafting on the Soča river





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