Biking tour: Kostanjevica - Novelo - Temnica - Trstelj - Kostanjevica

Biking in the area between Trstelj and Cerje offers a great view of the Karst the beautiful surrounding landscape between the sea and the Alps. For all history enthusiasts, it is even more interesting, since while biking, you can explore the sites where some of the battles in World War I took place. The villages along the way will catch your eye with their elements of traditional Karst architecture, while the roads between them run through many beautiful vineyards, which turn particularly gorgeous in the autumn, when theleaves turn the colour of gold. The trail starts in Kostanjevica na Krasu and follows the main road to the Novelo and Temnica villages. Once past the Temnica village, the road starts ascending towards Trstelj, the highest point in this region of the Karst at 643m above sea level. On the way back to Kostanjevica, the road will take you through pine forests, past viewpoints, surrounded by the characteristic Karst grasslands.


A somewhat more demanding biking tour, it is 21km long and it will take you anywhere between 2,5 to 3,5 hours.





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