An excellent biking trail, which takes the visitor on a tour of the typical Karst lanscape, featuring many Karst phenomena: vrtača sinkholes, uvalas, clints, grikes, chasms and, of course, subterranean caves. The trail covers a region of about 700 hectares between Sežana, Lipica and Basovizza across the border. An interesting tidbit of information is that after the Second World War, this area was closed to the public for approximately half a century. There is approximately 20km of roads on the area, which are marked by multi-lingual (slovene, english, italian) orientational and informational signs. The area also includes three open air exercise stations in old gunpowder rooms. On the edge of the area there is the oldest tourist cave in Europe, the Vilenica cave, as well as the most pictoresque non-tourist cave in Slovenia, the Gustinčič cave.





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