A biking trail of medium difficulty, it is 54km long, but it will only take you somewhere from 3,5 to 5 hours. Ideal for the autumn, since in the summer it might be too hot.

The trail mostly follows less busy asphalt roads, occasionally hopping over to rougher country roads. It winds among the teran vineyards, lonely meadows and through typical Karst villages.

From Hruševica, follow the road to Kobjeglava and just before the chapel, turn left onto the dirt road towards the lonely meadows. Stick to the road until you get to the 'V' intersection, where you should turn right. The road will lead you to the Kosovelje village, and further on, to a larger road, which you should cross and continue on the dirt road to Pliskovice. After reaching Pliskovica, take the wider asphalt road and turn right. The beautiful and not very busy road mostly passes through smaller villages until it reaches the Gorjansko village, where you should turn left towards Brestovica. Here, you can visit the military grave site from the First World War. From there, descent into the colorful valley and in Brestovica, turn right and begin the steepest climb of the trail, following the asphalt road. In Sela na Krasu, where the climb ends, take a left (towards Opatje Selo) and in Korita, turn right onto the (unmarked) dirt road towards Kostanjevica. Climb to the church and follow the asphalt road to Temnica. Past Temnica, near the Lipa village, take a right on the macadam road, which gently descends to the village of Sveto. From there on, the asphalt road winds among the vineyards to lead you to Komen, the largest city in the area. Follow the main road towards Sežana, but as soon as you pass the sign that signals that you are exiting Komen, turn left onto the macadam road, which plunges you right back among the vineyards. Before you get to the next village (Gabrovica) you will have to make aother climb on the rough macadam slope and find the church in the village. From the church, we continue straight ahead on the asphalt road in the direction of Kobjeglava and finally turn back to Hruševica.


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