Our ancestors performed harvest rituals. In the fields they sang thanksgiving songs and danced ritual dances. A whisper of prayer inscribed gratitude and devotion to God in the food. They lived with the knowledge that plants and animals were sacrificed to allow them to survive.

When it came to food, they kept to the original. They didn’t throw anything away. Every crumb meant a Holy Treasure to them. They knew how to prepare food from natural ingredients that was not only tasty and beautiful to look at, but also healthy and nutritious. Food not only satisfied their physically hedonistic needs, but reached higher. Into their spiritual world.


We adhere to these principles in our kitchen as well. We are not inventing anything new. We dust off the dusty leaves of old books which hide recipes that we have almost forgotten. We don’t just browse cookbooks. Our source are also history books. Our recipes are based on organic, seasonal, native and naturally grown food.

The food in our kitchen is…

Pure in origin: produced without toxic chemical substances (pesticides, fungicides, hormones, etc.) and without genetically modified organisms

Handmade: respectfully prepared from ingredient to plate with hands and cooked over fire.

Fresh: it is a real blessing to get fresh ingredients in the morning, which our organic partners have collected for us before the heat of a summer day. Ingredients that go into the pot the same day.

Plant-based foods: the language of plant-based foods is simple, native and subtle. Our ancestors recognized and understood this language. They respectfully nurtured and worked the soil and placed tiny seeds and fragile seedlings in it at the right time. At the same time, they prayed, orientated themselves by the stars, the moon and weather phenomena. They were aware that it is precisely in the fragility of plants and the unpredictability of nature that the great power that keeps us alive is hidden. That one day they will grow into healthy and strong plants that will bear fruit. The fruits of life and survival. In our kitchen, we are also aware of the power of healthy and energy-filled plant-based food. It is created to be self-sufficient. Perfect. It’s no exaggeration to call it miraculous.

No food waste

Every morsel of food left on the plate is wasted food. Once you realize how much energy is invested in a single small cookie, handmade from the heart, your conscience won’t allow you to leave a single tiny morsel of food on your plate. Every single bit is precious. It is a very long journey from seed to finished product.

Sworn to the principle of do no harm: Like our ancestors, we adhere to the philosophy “Do no harm to anyone or anything”. We act and follow the natural laws that have been given to us. Close contact with nature makes us aware that we are part of a wider community. A community that in its entirety encompasses humans, animals, plants, earth, space and the transcendental.

Cooked in living water: Our ancestors used spring water for cooking which was energetically alive and clean. Our food is also cooked in 51Hz LIVING WATER which was cleansed of harmful chemical substances with the help of activated carbon and energetically enriched and informed with the help of a combination of crystals (tourmaline, jade, lapis lazuli, amethyst…).

Consecrated: Food is a gift. It is not self-evident! Unfortunately, we forgot about that. It is part of a cycle that is more than just its material aspect. Our ancestors gave thanks for every meal. They wrote their prayers and thanks in the food. Through modesty and gratitude, they communicated: “We are grateful for this goodness that we have received…”.

By respecting and eating the food of our ancestors, we bow to our ancestors who still heard the inner voice. That is why we preserve the culinary heritage of our ancestors and take care of our common well-being and prosperity.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to follow the original principles of the entire process from seed to plate.

Healthy organic breakfast

At our house, we only put as much on the plate as we will eat. So that you will not be surprised… we are very angry when we see food thrown away unnecessarily on the plate! And we say it out loud.

Every bite left on the plate is wasted food. By 2030, there will be more than 8.5 billion of us in the world. Our well-being is not the well-being of all the inhabitants of the world. Food is not evenly distributed throughout the world. There are many hungry people. Let’s be aware of the fact that it is not self-evident that we have food on our plates every day. Let’s be respectful and grateful.

Organic food production requires a lot of effort, heart, dedication and manual work. Let’s show our organic partners our gratitude by not letting the fruits of their labor go to waste.

Rather, give them a sincere message: “Thank you for your efforts”.

Breakfast is included in the price of an overnight stay.

Dinner at our house

Our guests are aware and want to dine healthy. That’s why we have an early dinner at our place – a linner. We are part of a community and it is right to help each other. That’s why we decided to enable our guests the opportunity of meeting our 0 km partners, who are guided by the same philosophy in cuisine as us…fresh, authentic and prepared with love.

Winter time (October – March) at 17:00. Dinner in our house is from Monday to Friday.

Summer time (April – September) at 18:00. Dinner in our house is from Monday to Friday.

Dinner on Saturdays is at Tomaj Inn.

Dinner on Sundays is at Grad Štanjel restaurant.

Wine tasting

For dinner and wine tasting, advance reservations are required which you can make at the reception or by phone no later than the day before the event.

Derenda organic winemaking

Beti and Darko Derenda, in love with the Karst, they bought an old house with a plot of land in Hruševica in 1996. Work on the restoration of the house and the planting of the vineyard took place simultaneously. With every stone placed in the right place, with every vine planted in the ground, their bond with the Karst deepened.

Santei organic biodynamic winery

First it was a dream. Then there was the idea. Then the vision to offer a new, natural, ecologically produced and unforgettable experience by combining the best terroir and respecting the natural features of the Vipava Valley. Then the hard work began.

For dinner and wine tasting, advance reservations are required which you can make at the reception or by phone no later than the day before the event.