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- Not everyone likes our house. We are not a FANCY&CHIC HOTEL. We are an AWARE and ORGANIC HOUSE.


- Our basic philosophy is KEEP IT SIMPLE. We are HUMBLE, but it is LOVELY being in our house. Just like it used to be in the Karst ... BEAUTIFUL, HUMBLE, CLEAN and WILD.


- we are OLD SCHOOL. Tradition and archaic things are very important for us.


- ORGANIC is our way of life. Organic is NOT a TREND. It is the only path and our big responsibility for the next generations.


- we are part of GLOBAL CHANGES. We are aware that PLAN(ET) B does not exist. Mother nature is just one!


- we love MOTHER EARTH. We are aware that it is only on loan to us and is not our permanent property.


- we buy LESS, we choose GOOD, we protect WILD&NATURAL, we live for GREEN.


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