Pioneers of sustainable tourism since 2001
A handful of hoteliers – one vision. That’s how it all started. About 20 years ago. At a time when sustainability pioneers were people who were ridiculed for being eco. At that time, BIO HOTELS decided to take a different decision and rethink tourism. For people and the environment. Comprehensively. All BIO HOTELS companies impress with their individuality. At the same time, they all live the same philosophy and follow harmonized standards. Organic food, natural cosmetics and green electricity are self-evident for all our BIO HOTELIERS. This and much more!

As pioneers of green tourism, BIO HOTELS® shape the market and the future of tourism.
They show how sustainability and tourism can go hand in hand. Through their operation, they actively contribute to ensuring that future generations will still have a world worth living in and enough resources.
What unites us: the mission, vision and values of our BIO HOTELS®
When BIO HOTELS® was founded in 2001, one thing was already clear: what unites us are our common values and goals. That is why the mission was already written in the association’s statutes, which was eventually supplemented with further aspects and principles of our corporate philosophy:

  • We develop organically with enthusiasm as a community of values that inspires.
  • We shape the development of sustainable recreation and hospitality.
  • We are a model for sustainable business and life on earth.

Our values reflect our philosophy and serve as our standpoint. They are the guidelines for everything we do. Appreciation, responsibility, authenticity, individuality and innovation are particularly important to us.

1. Appreciation

  • We get to know each person and their personality.
  • We maintain a polite and respectful relationship with each other.
  • We consciously promote difference and diversity: accept each person in their diversity.
  • We care for people, animals and the environment.

2. responsibility

  • We take responsibility and show respect for both living beings and nature – in our everyday interaction, as well as in the field of corporate social responsibility (CSR) which refers to sustainable business for the benefit of society and the environment.
  • We provide clear processes and structures.
  • We respect responsibility.
  • We are continuously committed to products and services and maintaining high quality standards.

3. Authenticity

  • We are committed to making holistic sustainability tangible in everyday life.
  • We provide transparent insight into processes.
  • We act and communicate honestly, authentically and conscientiously.

4. Individuality

  • We embrace the individuality of people, as well as of different companies, and regard different characters as enrichment.
  •  We understand individuality as uniqueness.

5. Innovation

  •  We promote the goals of BIO HOTELS®.
  • We encourage the spirit of innovation.
  • We encourage new things in line with the times.
  • We are open to new things and welcome change.