Bio cakes

No bake cake

Organic - Healthy - Vegan - Raw - Hand Made

 All our desserts are HEALTHY in the truest sense of the word. It is made from PLANT BASED INGREDIENTS. Cakes are made with only ORGANIC&NATURAL ingredients. All vitamins, minerals and nutrients are preserved by NO HEAT treatment.

But they are more than JUST HEALTHY. They are also BEAUTIFUL.


No bake cake are suitable for everyone who is AWARE&SUSTAINABLE.


 No bake cake is cake with DEEP INTENTION:

 supporting local organic farmers

supporting fair trade

 take care of mother Earth

respecting every person in chain of cake production

teaching healthy&responsible habits

zero food waste

 Classic RAW desserts consist of:

cashews / almonds

cocoa products

coconut / cocoa butter

berries / fruits

vegetable syrups

dried fruits

nut flour and paste

sublimated berries

vegetable milk

essences/essential oils


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